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Welcome to the Sleepy Time Video website
The Sleepy Time video  is a bed time story for children.  It runs for 19 minutes, starting with the story of Noah and introducing the children, via the alphabet and in verse, to animals that were saved from the flood.

Sleepy Time is designed to meet both educational and recreational needs. Not only will it help children "unwind" before falling asleep, it provides opportunities to discover colours, patterns, different animals, animals who work for us, rhyming words and much more.  It assists with creative language development and helps build vocabulary.  It familiarises the little ones with the letters of the alphabet.

Sleepy Time is not a cartoon animation. Appealing live animal visuals and especially composed instrumental sounds and music make this an enchanting video, to be enjoyed by young and old.  It is most attractively packaged and makes a really lovely gift.

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