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Better bedtimes with the Sleepy Time Video
Grown-ups often read in bed in order to unwind. It’s different with children because sometimes the more tired they are the more difficulty they have falling asleep.

To tide you over those difficult bedtimes, the Sleepy Time video has been especially designed to create a peaceful transitional period to help the child relax and make it easier to fall asleep and have wonderful dreams.

Customer Feedback - What people have said about Sleepy Time
"Your DVD is so fantastic, I wish you would make more.  My wife says that what makes it brilliant for toddlers is that the animal shots are nice and closeup."- Dr Heinz M. Kabutz (PhD CompSci) :: (Greece)
"My son is almost two and he loves to watch the Sleepy Time video before bedtime. He tries to say the names of his favourite animals and is picking up the sequence of the alphabet. Truly amazing!"- E. Alex :: (London)
"l've found the Sleepy Time video very useful during feeding times and before bedtime. My daughter loves animals and takes great pleasure in guessing which animal is going to appear next. Thanks for a fabulous video." - D. Parker :: (Reading)
  "The Sleepy Time Video really does work! We watched it again last night and my 2 year old was repeating the alphabet letters and my 3 year old knew what was coming next! The familiar animals and the soft voices have a real calming affect on my usually excitable, tired boys. Needless to say both were sound asleep by the letter 'X'. Wonderful!! Thank you "- Melanie Creaser :: (West Yorkshire)
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